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June 28, 2021

If your child is a struggling reader, MultiLit Literacy Centres can help.

Our specialisation in remedial support based on scientific evidence means we do not take on students who are average or above average performers.

Our purpose is to support low progress, struggling readers aged six and up, to help them catch up to their peers.

Reading difficulties can arise for a variety of reasons: poor instruction, a learning difficulty, a long absence from school, speech and language issue, or more complex special needs, including ASD and ADHD.

Our tailored programs are delivered by caring, specialist practitioners in
50-minute sessions, under the clinical supervision of members of our leading education research unit.

Each child must first undertake an assessment of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to determine suitability and identify their specific needs. A phone feedback session will follow around a week after the assessment to discuss the results and the child’s suitability for the program.

Term programs last 10 weeks and depending on your child’s needs, we will recommend two, three or four engaging, structured, and individualised lessons per week. New students can also access intensive holiday programs of two or three weeks, with one-week holiday programs available to returning students.

Zoom – live video tuition available

Our web-based sessions can be delivered directly to you at home, no matter where you are located. Each individualised lesson is live with one of our specialist tutors via Zoom.

To speak with a MultiLit Literacy Centre specialist, phone 1300 559 919 or email us for more information about our services.

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