MultiLit literacy assessments for students

A MultiLit literacy assessment is necessary to evaluate your child’s literacy skills and to determine which of our literacy programs would benefit them the most.

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The Assessment Process

 Initial Assessment – The Appointment begins with an hour and a half assessment of your child’s reading and related literacy skills. Assessments can be completed either face-to-face in the Literacy Centre or online. Please note that parents should allow up to two hours for the assessment to be completed.

 Gauge Ability – A MultiLit Tutor will assess your child on a battery of tests designed to measure your child’s performance in key literacy areas.

 Consultation & Review – Within a week of the assessment, parent(s) then attend a half-hour consultation with the tutor to review the child’s results and will also receive a written report. These consultations can be conducted face-to-face, online or via telephone.


If the results of our testing indicate that your child would benefit from one of our Literacy Programs, the tutor will recommended the appropriate intervention during feedback session. Parents may have every confidence that a program specifically geared to meet your child’s individual needs will be designed by our exemplary tutors.


Some of the tests we conduct during the literacy assessment allow us to make comparisons between your child’s performance and the average performance of other children of the same age, while other tests tell us more specifically about the sort of help in literacy your child needs. Other curriculum-based measures and placement tests determine where your child would start on the various programs we offer.


It is important that parents understand that a reading (or spelling) age is nothing more than a simple indicator of the performance level of your child in this specific area compared to other children of the same age; it has no greater significance than that and should not be taken as reflecting on your child in any other way.

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