We offer a variety of programs that operate on a 10-week term basis and may be commenced throughout the school term.

Students initially enrol for one term and their progress is continuously monitored. Fees for all programs include a printed review assessment at the end of each term. Tutoring sessions are conducted at the MultiLit Literacy Centres (Macquarie Park or Bella Vista) or online.

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Our Programs

We offer individualised programs based on the needs of the student. Our specialised and research-based programs are implemented via high quality one-to-one instruction delivered by a trained MultiLit tutor over two, three or four 50-minute sessions per week.
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Many of our programs are able to be delivered online. Online programs are suitable for Year 3 and above. With a flexible timetable students can easily receive personal one-to-one interaction through live stream video with our trained educators. Areas that are covered include reading accuracy, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and spelling.
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Intensive programs offered during the holiday breaks. Students complete a 50-minute session each day. Lessons can be completed either at the MultiLit Literacy Centre, online or a combination of both.
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Parent training and student monitoring for our Reading Tutor Program. In this program, the parent or caregiver is trained to deliver the MultiLit Reading Tutor program at home. supported by a weekly monitoring consultation with a MultiLit tutor.
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Our programs utilise a scientific evidence-based approach

  Comprehensive assessment and ongoing monitoring

  Individualised programs

  One to one instruction

  Positive learning environment for your child

  Research based

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