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Some kids, the lucky ones, do not really need to try very hard at all when it comes to reading. They were lucky enough to have been born with the ability to learn to read very quickly and without a lot of help from teachers.

Then there are lots of regular kids who will learn to read without finding it too hard so long as they get a fair amount of help from their teachers.

And then there are the kids who will always find it very difficult to learn to read. If you are a parent, it is highly likely that you have found the MultiLit website because you are concerned that your child may be one of this significant minority, possibly 25% of children, who struggle with learning to read.

Young girl reading InitiaLit decodable Readers from MultiLit

It is not the child's fault.

It is possible that your child may have a reading disability, what some people call dyslexia, or some form of a learning disability. Possibly, they may have missed a considerable amount of school, perhaps because they were sick or moved school many times, or the way they were taught to read was not effective.

Children who have failed to learn to read by the usual methods in the first few years of school need intensive, systematic reading instruction.

At our Literacy Centres in Macquarie Park and Bella Vista (NSW), Brisbane City (QLD), and through our online options, MultiLit offers proven programs to improve reading accuracy, fluency, comprehension and spelling.

Our reading programs have been specifically researched and designed for students who are reading at a level considerably lower than their peers.

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Five from Five

Additional parent resources available from Five from Five. Five from Five is a community education initiative of MultiLit Pty Ltd that aims to improve literacy levels by ensuring all children receive effective, evidence-based reading instruction.

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