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Literacy Centre Holiday Programs

What we provide

Not everyone is able to bring their child to the Literacy Centre on a weekly basis so parents/carers may choose to enrol their child in a MultiLit School Holiday Program.


Analysis has shown that students who have completed two-term programs at the MultiLit Literacy Centre made three to six times greater progress than they were typically making prior to receiving MultiLit instruction. Our School Holiday Programs provide similar benefits to our regular School Term programs in an intensive format.


Program format

  • Students complete a 50-minute session each day per program (excluding Public Holidays).
  • Customised lessons are completed live online with two-way interaction between students and tutors.
  • Feedback is provided upon conclusion of each lesson.

MultiLit Literacy Centres

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Winter Session

Monday, 28 June to Friday, 9 July 2021 (10 days)

Spring Session

Monday, 20 September to Friday, 1 October 2021 (10 days)


One-week program for continuing students only (5 lessons): $653

Two-week program for all students (10 lessons): $1,185

Three-week program offered during January school holidays only (15 lessons): $1,685

Placement Test must be completed prior to commencement of School Holiday Program: $55

Placement Test is not required for continuing students

For more information or to book a place

 T: 1300 55 99 19

 E: [email protected]


 Research-based programs delivered via high-quality one-to-one sessions by peer-assessed tutors

 Intensive literacy intervention programs for primary and secondary students, including young adults

Customised literacy support based on student needs

Program dates

28 June – 9 July 2021 (Winter session)

Program dates

20 September – 1 October 2021 (Spring session)

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We’ll walk you through the best options for your child and answer any questions you might have.

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