Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Without a comprehensive assessment of your child’s reading and related skills, it is difficult to determine whether they are behind in reading or not. We can, however, provide an approximate idea of whether your child might be a low-progress reader and if it would be worth your while to have your child assessed formally. The MultiLit 1-minute reading test may be of assistance. Please click here and follow the instructions carefully. Learn more about booking an assessment directly with MultiLit Literacy Centres.

Yes. Children with poor working memory benefit from MultiLit’s programs because the instruction is systematic, presented in small chunks, and includes revision exercises in each session.

The MultiLit approach is non-categorical and treats only your child’s reading difficulties. Children diagnosed with Asperger’s/Autism/ADHD and other complex issues have progressed successfully through our programs. Please contact Literacy Centre Managers for more individualised advice.

Yes. Our Literacy Centres are open on Saturdays for both assessments and program sessions.

The initial assessment has a duration of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and can be completed in-centre or online with one of our tutors. Parents/Carergivers will then meet with our Centre Manager via zoom to review results and program recommendations. A report will also be provided.

Students work individually with a fully trained tutor on the MultiLit program which best suits their needs. This may be InitiaLit, MiniLit Sage, Reading Tutor Program (RTP), Word Attack Extension (WAS-Ex) Program, or MacqLit. Each program addresses phonemic awareness (orally identifying sounds in words), phonics (letter, sound relationships), fluency (reading with speed and accuracy), vocabulary (the meaning of words) and comprehension. There is also a spelling component.

Instruction is explicit and based on extensive and ongoing reading instruction research. Tutors follow scripts and a structured sequence of activities. Students are placed at their first level of difficulty to address literacy needs. Students are required to meet criteria to progress through the program. This allows instruction at a pace that matches student needs.

MultiLit tutors have completed a comprehensive and competitive screening process. They are committed and caring people, often with qualifications in Speech and Language, Psychology, or Education. All tutors complete extensive training in MultiLit programs before they deliver lessons to students. Students are allocated to tutors according to their program needs. Students work with a maximum of two tutors during the term.

Because our programs are tightly scripted and monitored, a change in tutor does not change or disrupt a student’s program in any way. Changing tutors also gives the advantage of having tutors working collaboratively to meet your child’s literacy needs. Furthermore, it is often helpful for a different tutor to review a student’s progress during the previous term and discuss their progress with a colleague during the handover process.

In the Term Program, students are allocated one or two tutors to work with them on a weekly basis. Apart from tutor illness or other personal circumstances, these tutors remain with students for the duration of the school term. It is common for students to change tutors as a new school term starts. This means that students who begin in Week 3, Week 5, or Week 7 of a school term may have a change as they move into the new session. Our student monitoring and data collection procedures ensures students have a seamless transition.

While it is common for students to develop very positive and supportive relationships with their initial tutors, we encourage parents to reassure their children that the program will continue effectively with a change in tutor and to focus on the program and their progress rather than the tutor.

Due to the complex timetabling requirements for individual instruction in specialised programs, we do not offer make-up lessons due to student absence.

If, for any reason we are unable to deliver your child’s lesson (e.g., tutor absence), a make-up lesson will be provided. For online lessons, please ensure you have checked connection and followed MultiLit staff member advice as make-up lessons will not be provided for technical issues at the student’s end.

A full initial assessment must be undertaken prior to enrolment in a Term Program. One term runs for a duration of 10 weeks (according to NSW & Qld school terms). There is a minimum of two sessions per week. Sessions are held before school, during school hours, after school, and on Saturdays.

MultiLit Literacy Centres are closed on Sundays and designated Public holidays in NSW & Qld. Sessions are 50 minutes duration and completed one-to-one with a tutor. Availability can only be offered after feedback is provided from a full initial assessment. Parent feedback is provided by your tutor after each lesson. You may be allocated up to a maximum of two tutors. End-of-term testing is done during lesson time. There are no further fees for testing. A report is provided at the end of the 10 weeks and feedback is given by your tutor.

Our Literacy Centres have a library and books will be loaned to you for reading at home. Mid-term starts are in weeks 3, 5, and 7 of each school term (excluding Term 4). Term fees are payable in full at the time of enrolment as we prepare materials and book tutors for the term. A re-enrolment recommendation will be provided towards the end of the term. However, your tutor will provide ongoing feedback after each lesson.

Yes. Our programs are offered in live online sessions one-to-one with a tutor, from Year 1 onwards. Lessons are held at the same day and time each week. You will be allocated Zoom login details to use for every lesson for the term. We post books to you for home reading with a Reply Paid bag. Information on results can be found by clicking here.

Whilst every student achieves progress at different rates, we recommend a minimum enrolment of two terms. Students enrol for one (10-week) term. Tests from the original assessment are readministered toward the end of each term to monitor progress. There are also extensive monitoring procedures used within lessons to ensure students’ progress. The results of testing assist in determining whether more intervention is required.

It is advisable that parents discuss re-enrolment with tutors in the second half of the school term (Week 6 onwards) to allow for re-enrolment places to be secured.

Yes. Our research and clinical experience have shown that high school students who are low-progress readers can and do make major gains as a result of MultiLit programs. It is, however, preferable to catch students as early as possible so that they do not experience the stressful experience of starting high school with inadequate reading and related skills.

Writing and spelling are both closely linked to reading. The aim of MultiLit’s programs is to improve reading skills, but the type of intervention provided often also leads to improvements in spelling and writing.

Feedback for parents and caregivers is provided regularly using a range of procedures:
– Tutors are allocated time at the end of each session to review content covered within the session and give parents advice regarding home reading.
– Term Programs include monitoring by senior staff with referral to the Literacy Centre Director if required. End-of-term testing is completed within each 10-week instruction period. Parents are provided with an updated summary of results and these are discussed with your child’s tutor.
– Holiday Programs include feedback after each lesson. There is also a printed summary of student entry and exit placement in their prescribed program.

Feedback sessions are an important time of communication between parent and tutor so please make sure you are available after each lesson. Recognise and positively reinforce any small steps of progress your child makes in reading.

Students are provided with appropriately levelled readers each week to be read using specific methods each night. Specific methods include Model, Lead, Test (MLT) or Pause, Prompt, Praise (PPP). These methods reinforce the skills taught in each session, assisting students to retain and generalise what they have learned. Make time to read with your child each night and record their readings in the Reading Diary.

The MultiLit Bookshop offers high quality resources for sale online to assist children with their literacy skills development.

Every student is different, so we cannot always predict what gains they will make. Across our programs, on average after two terms (20 weeks) of instruction, students gain 12 months in their reading accuracy. This is an average result and MultiLit cannot provide any guarantees regarding an individual student’s progress.

Tutors who work in the Literacy Centre have gone through a thorough interview and training process. We require tutors to either have, or be in the process of obtaining, university qualifications in either Education, Psychology, or Speech and Language-related training. Tutors are required to have letter sound knowledge and experience working successfully with children and families. All tutors are also required to have clearance for Working With Children Check (WWWC) at the time of employment.

Tutors complete extensive training in our MultiLit programs and Literacy Centre procedures before they start. New tutors also complete observations and team-teaching sessions with qualified tutors where they gain expert feedback before they tutor students individually. Tutor observations are completed by Literacy Centre managers or senior staff each term to ensure lessons are completed at the highest standard required, according to set program structure and strict assessment criteria.

Any issues with student progress are examined through a process in which the Literacy Centre Manager liaises with our Literacy Centre Director – with pedagogical support from the MultiLit Research Unit.

Literacy Centre administration staff will be able to answer questions regarding assessment booking, term payments, and program overview. Your child’s allocated tutor/s will be able to give you information regarding your child’s placement and progress within our MultiLit programs. Any further enquiries can be addressed to the Literacy Centre Managers at the contact details provided below:

Literacy CentreTelephoneEmail
Bella Vista, NSW+61 2 9886 6622[email protected]
Macquarie Park, NSW+61 2 9886 6600[email protected]
Fortitude Valley, Qld+61 7 2139 8855[email protected]
Subiaco, WA+61 8 6381 4981[email protected]

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