Meet Our Team: Renee Old

July 15, 2022

Renee Old worked in both primary and high schools before developing her focus in learning support and completing postgraduate studies in inclusive education.

Her work and professional development as a Learning Support Coordinator prepared her for joining MultiLit as the Macquarie Park Literacy Centre Manager.

How long have you worked for MultiLit?

I started working for MultiLit just over three months ago. It is exciting to join such a dynamic and professional team.

What inspired you to get into education?

I have always loved to see other people experience the joy of learning new skills and growing in their confidence. I also appreciated many teachers who believed in me and encouraged me to challenge myself and achieve my goals. Teaching has allowed me to take this journey with the next generation of students.

Tell us a bit about your background and experience.

My experience in education has spanned a variety of settings and roles. I began my career as a high school teacher before moving into primary teaching. Working with students who needed additional support with their learning quickly became a focus in my teaching. I began completing more professional development in this area and moved into a role as a learning support teacher.

I found my passion in advocating for students and families to be able to access a quality education that meets their individual needs. I loved supporting individual students and promoting effective instruction for everyone. As a learning support teacher, I trained in and implemented MultiLit programs in small groups and with individual students. I had the joy of witnessing the positive impact MultiLit programs had on each student’s reading success and self-confidence. I gained a strong professional interest in teaching reading and in learning about the most current evidence for best practice literacy instruction. My desire to keep learning and growing as a teacher led me to complete postgraduate studies in inclusive education.

My most recent teaching positions have been as Learning Support Coordinator, managing learning support departments at two different schools. As coordinator, I had the privilege of training and assisting teachers. I enjoyed the opportunity to present professional development sessions on topics including early literacy acquisition, the Science of Reading, Developmental Language Disorder, ADHD, specific learning disorders, assistive technology and disability legislation. It is always a pleasure to help teachers keep developing their skills and knowledge to support the diverse needs of all students.

What are some of the key responsibilities in your role?

As the Macquarie Park Literacy Centre Manager, I provide oversight of the smooth day-to-day running of the centre, assuring quality program delivery and supervising our instructional team.

I also regularly meet with parents to provide feedback and recommendations regarding their child’s literacy skills. It is a privilege to provide families with detailed information from our initial assessments, answer their questions and share recommendations regarding the evidence-based support we offer.

I am thoroughly enjoying working with our team of experienced and dedicated tutors. I have been impressed by our tutors’ depth of knowledge for teaching reading and genuine care for each student. Supporting such knowledgeable and passionate tutors as they teach their students is a pleasure.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about literacy?

Reading, unlike speaking, is a skill that needs to be taught. It is an essential skill for success in school but also in all of life. The great thing is that we don’t need to guess how to teach reading. There is extensive, robust evidence available that clearly shows us what effective reading instruction should include and how to teach it. I would love all teachers to know about this vital information regarding the best practice in literacy teaching. It would be wonderful for every teacher to be empowered to teach reading in such a way that allows all students to have the best opportunity to become skilled readers and experience the joy of reading.

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