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Meet Our Team: Renee Old

Renee Old’s experience as a Learning Support Coordinator prepared her for joining MultiLit as the Macquarie Park Literacy Centre Manager. Learn more.

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Reigniting a love of learning

To honour a treasured member of staff, Takayuki Fukuda, whom we sadly lost to illness in December 2020, the MultiLit directors established the Takayuki Fukuda Perpetual Scholarship. This scholarship offers specialised MultiLit tutoring through our Literacy Centres to help a deserving child who has a reading difficulty specifically as a result of illness or injury.

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Introducing Dr Alison Madelaine

Dr Alison Madelaine has extensive knowledge in reading development, instruction and assessment, as well as hands-on experience teaching students with reading difficulties in Australia and the United States.

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Literacy Centre Tutor Showcase – Melissa Day

For 25 years, MultiLit has provided assistance to tens of thousands of students in a variety of settings. This wouldn’t be possible without our talented, experienced and trained tutors. Learn a little about one of our long-term tutors, Melissa Day.

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My child has a literacy problem – what next?

Concerned about your child’s progress learning to read? Reading difficulties are typically identified around the age of six, though it can be earlier. The sooner you can support your child with intervention, the more effective it will be.

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