Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for MultiLit Literacy Centres

Without a thorough assessment of your child’s reading and related skills, it is difficult to say whether they are behind in reading or not. We can, however, provide a rough idea of whether your child might be a low-progress reader and if it would be worth your while to have your child assessed formally, if you follow these instructions carefully: MultiLit 1-minute reading test.

Based on your child’s Literacy Assessment results, a program is constructed to target your child’s areas of difficulties. Students who require help with reading accuracy and fluency will work on various component skills such as phonic word attack skills and sight words which are taught to mastery and reinforced through the reading of real texts. In addition other components such as spelling or comprehension may be added if warranted. Some students programs will focus purely on single components.

A requirement of all reading focused programs is that students read aloud to a parent or supportive reading partner at least four times per week. On commencement of enrolment, a complimentary copy of the MultiLit Reinforced Reading DVD is provided to you. This DVD explains the appropriate tutoring strategies to employ when reading with your child. MultiLit provides books on loan at your child’s level. If your child is enrolled in a Monitoring or Partnership program, parents/caregivers are required to deliver the program as directed at and attend a weekly session or send progress reports.

Your child’s tutor will give you feedback on how your child is progressing with the different program components. Standardised testing is conducted at the end of each term, which will give you an indication of how your child is performing compared to his/her peers.

Whilst every student progresses at different rates, on average students are enrolled in a MultiLit Program for 2 to 3 terms. Students enrol for one (10-week) term, after which the Burt, South Australian Spelling and WARP tests are readministered. The results of these tests assist in determining whether more intervention is required. Although a student may make substantial gains after one term, in most cases a second term is recommended for consolidation. After two terms of instruction students again receive the full battery of tests administered at the initial assessment.

Of course, every student is different, so we cannot always predict what gains they will make. Across our programs, on average after two terms (20 weeks) of instruction students gain 12 months in their reading accuracy. This is an average result and MultiLit cannot provide any guarantees or promises regarding an individual student’s progress.

Research into students with reading difficulties has shown that once intervention is taken away students skills may plateau or even regress, particularly when the student does not continue reading regularly. Regardless of how long your child has attended a MultiLit program, we strongly recommend all children continue to read natural language texts, to a parent or supportive reading partner, out loud every day to maintain their skills. You may like to have your child reassessed every 6 months or so to see how his/her reading is going without intervention. There is a discounted cost for reassessment of previous clients.

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